How I Dealt with Pre-Departure Chaos: Paris, France

Hi! My name is Shannon Allen I am an Environmental Science major and Film minor at SU. This year I will be doing two international trips through Seattle University. First, I will be taking a trip to Paris, France for a two-week-long class which I will use as a Film Elective. The flight to Paris from Seattle totals around 10 hours. Now would be a … Continue reading How I Dealt with Pre-Departure Chaos: Paris, France

A Love Letter to Layering

I’ve often heard the phrase ‘be bold and start cold’ in my experiences backpacking. Here in Iceland, you usually have to start pretty dang cold! As soon as you get moving though, you generate far more body heat than is comfortable. By that same token, as soon as you stop moving you also lose all that heat. It’s a fine line to balance. Our first … Continue reading A Love Letter to Layering

Of Geysers and Gyrfalcons

“How long will you be staying?” A stocky Icelandic immigration official examines my passport intently. “Six weeks” I reply. “And what are you doing in Iceland?” She compares me to the photo. I pull down my mask and beam at her. “Studying abroad!” Iceland is a beautiful country. My first week was punctuated by volcanoes, lava fields, geysers, and waterfalls. It’s very challenging for me … Continue reading Of Geysers and Gyrfalcons

Let’s Just Be Honest With Each Other OK?

Hi there, my name is Braden and I’m a junior working towards a degree in philosophy, Spanish, and a minor in Communications at Seattle University. I’m currently on the SU-led program in Puebla, Mexico for the next 5 months, where I hope (and am so eagerly trying) to develop a fluency in Spanish and a deeper appreciation for Spanish culture.                  Here’s a little … Continue reading Let’s Just Be Honest With Each Other OK?

The Permanence of “I am” in Spanish

While in Spain I have been joyous, surprised, sick, nostalgic, worried, elated, confused, tired… the list goes on. I could cycle through all these emotions in one day, one week, and now, one month. Emotions are constantly changing and sometimes I can’t even put a word to what it is I feel either in my body or my soul. Sometimes they can definitely be out … Continue reading The Permanence of “I am” in Spanish