Let’s Just Be Honest With Each Other OK?

Hi there, my name is Braden and I’m a junior working towards a degree in philosophy, Spanish, and a minor in Communications at Seattle University. I’m currently on the SU-led program in Puebla, Mexico for the next 5 months, where I hope (and am so eagerly trying) to develop a fluency in Spanish and a deeper appreciation for Spanish culture.                  Here’s a little … Continue reading Let’s Just Be Honest With Each Other OK?

The Permanence of “I am” in Spanish

While in Spain I have been joyous, surprised, sick, nostalgic, worried, elated, confused, tired… the list goes on. I could cycle through all these emotions in one day, one week, and now, one month. Emotions are constantly changing and sometimes I can’t even put a word to what it is I feel either in my body or my soul. Sometimes they can definitely be out … Continue reading The Permanence of “I am” in Spanish

Hello From My (New) Home

Hola! My name is Hallie and I am third year double majoring in Photography and Spanish at Seattle University. For the next three months I will be in Valencia, Spain with ISA which is an SU Sponsored Program. I am taking five classes completely taught in Spanish which will satisfy a majority of the major requirements. – Travel, for me, is the broadest term, encompassing … Continue reading Hello From My (New) Home

Preparing for the Unknowable

My final days of summer have been spent in the backyard of my parent’s house, soaking up the last bit of sun I can before I leave for my first European winter. In my previous study abroad experiences in Tijuana, Mexico, and Santiago, Chile, the weather was never an issue; Tijuana reminded me of the summers spent in southern California with my family and Santiago … Continue reading Preparing for the Unknowable

The riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

By Rafael Morseletto, 2015 Gilman Scholar Russia and the Russian way of life has puzzled Americans and Western Europeans since at least the time of Churchill–whose bewilderment of our neighbors to the East is quoted in the title of this post.  A cultural, political, economic and geographic mix of Asian and European traditions, the American visitor will find Russia to be a deeply stirred melting pot of the … Continue reading The riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

The Transition from Alyson to Bailee

My parents were surprised to find out that I went by my middle name while I was studying abroad in Chile. I had always been called Bailee and even I admit that it took some getting used to being addressed as Alyson. I told Chileans to call me Alyson because I knew that it would be nearly impossible for a native Spanish-speaker to correctly pronounce the … Continue reading The Transition from Alyson to Bailee

The Harsh Reality of Being an Idiot Abroad

It has come to the point in my study abroad experience where finals are approaching, break-throughs are being made, and everything seems inspiring; The most bittersweet part is that the end of my program is less than a month away, nagging in the back of my mind. I’ve been trying to soak up every detail of the city that I can with my eyes, nose, … Continue reading The Harsh Reality of Being an Idiot Abroad