Here’s to breaking my idleness, hating idiots, and loving my fam

I want to believe that my month+ long absence from the blogosphere has to do with reasons like: “been too busy living it up”, or “sorry, can’t talk, gotta run back to my glamorous Spanish socialite lifestyle”, but I’d rather not lie to myself. Really, the excitement of being in a new country has faded away like a momentarily radiant red hair dye– I’ve simply gotten caught in the everlasting brassy-orange shade, which is monotony and routine in this analogy. (Eat, school, homework, nap, go out). I guess most would call this a lack of inspiration, or a lack of motivation. I call it laziness and I apologize to myself.

If you’re reading this then you might be interested in what I’ve been doing (you’re awesome). For starters, I’ve been having weekly, hour-long exchanges “intercambios” with a native Spaniard who studies English. It’s a pretty cool addition to my abroad experience and has been a great tool for me.

What’s way cooler is the fact that my sister and parents came to visit me for about a week. My awesome little unit of a family was just the slice of home I needed to energize me and tide me over for a few more months. Seeing as we were in Spain, we did as the Spanish do and saw a flamenco show. Flamenco is really an unprecedented art form; the telling of a story through rhythmic clapping, stomping, traditional song, and intensely sensual body movement. Unfortunately, there was a group of horrible American teenage girls in the audience, and they decided to focus their attention on taking selfies, gossiping, and bursting out laughing at things as simple as a woman who had fallen asleep, instead of allowing themselves to be transfixed by talented performers conveying profound emotions in a completely enchanting format. My sister and I were beyond horrified at such idiocy and couldn’t help but glare any time they were being awful. Total simpletons.

My lovely little week with my family was the best. They left to Morocco after the flamenco show, and once we said goodbye, I wanted them back instantly. Mad love to the Strauss house xoxoxo



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