I went to Vienna (not to be confused with Venice, guys!)

We (Gabby, Brandon, me) knew Vienna was going to be cold, so we bundled up like eskimos before we ventured outside the hostel. The chilly air met our faces (the only body part exposed) and the confrontation actually felt nice for awhile, like a splash of cool water after a long day. Something happened, though, and the refreshing breeze got upset and started slapping us with massive gusts of icy wind until our faces were tingling, almost numb. It was like a dog calmly sniffing our hands until deciding that it hates us and wreaking the subsequent havoc. Was it something I said….?

The shocking and painful cold never went away and it made venturing through the city really hard for me. My chin felt colder than anything else on my face which not only reaffirmed its physical prominence to me (I know, Cold, stop rubbing it in), but made finding a store that sells winter-wear to be my top priority. Gabby needed to buy a hat herself, so luckily I didn’t feel like a self-serving jerk dictating our destination.

In reality, however, the city itself was dictating our destination. Though we were on the hunt for scarves/hats, we were stopped dead in our tracks more than once by the awesome, unfathomable grandeur of Vienna’s beauty. She captured us, hypnotized us; we followed her beautiful features like a fly being summoned by a flickering light. My free will and everything else melted away while the beauty that I couldn’t quite comprehend came into focus. All I knew how to do was stare and get closer. Mesmerized, you could say.

This was our first unplanned, reality-altering stop:


Obviously nothing can be captured in its full magnificence through a photo, but isn’t it absolutely stunning? It’s a cathedral called “Votivkirche”.

We had a few more of these amazing stops before I snapped out of my daze and realized I still really really really needed a scarf. The one I eventually found was big and warm and quickly became very essential to our cold routine (succumbing to our awe and walking around the city for hours, taking refuge in a warm cafe, journeying around outside some more, dinner and wine, sleep)

Vienna is most certainly the most beautiful city I’ve been to in my life thus far. It was a beautiful vacation, I had some great laughs with great company (shoutout to Gabby and Brandon!!) and I can’t wait to return to Vienna at some point when the weather is a bit more kind




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