Food for Thought

(That was kind of meant to be punny).
Within three weeks or so of traveling through Europe I have tried four items I would probably never have eaten in the United States. Those being: wild boar, liver, salmon (I am the worst Northwesterner), and duck. Before I came to Europe I was a VERY picky eater, although I prefer the term selective. While some may not give escargot or horse meat a second thought, each of these meals was a big step for me. 
I have never really been the go with the flow, spontaneous type but I wanted my study abroad experience to reflect a conscious effort to break out of my worrisome nature. So I am pretty proud of the fact that I actually tried new things. It has truly been an adventure!
PS, wild boar was even chewier than an overcooked steak. And do not even get me started on the liver. 



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