Remember that episode of Spongebob, where the Krusty Krab turns into a 24 hour restaurant and Spongebob is really excited about doing everything he normally does, only at night?  “Hey Squidward, I’m chopping lettuce…AT NIGHT!” “I’m scrubbing the bathroom…AT NIGHT!” “Owww I burnt my hand! ….. at night!”

Replace ‘night’ with either ‘Spain’ or ‘Europe’ and you now have the formula for the majority of my thoughts that occur.

“I’m walking to school…IN SPAIN”

“I’m ordering a coffee IN EUROPE.”

“I’m going to a discoteca in a cave on the mountains overlooking Moorish castles dating back to the 9th-11th centuries….” oh wait that’s cool no matter where it is

It’s quite a dream being here!


but also during the day



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