A little taller, A little spicier, and A little wiser

signJourney with me through Puebla Mexico

I brought with me my faith, my sanity, and my method of release. My bible. My workout attire. My journal. Items I would not leave Seattle without because without them how could I function in Puebla, Mexico. This is my first expedition outside of the U.S my sophomore year of college. More than being nervous, afraid, anxious, excited I am humbled. I realize when I cross the southern boarder I simply “do not know.” I do not know the culture, the language, the food, the streets, the people with any expertise, all I have is what I’ve read, who I’ve met, and what I’ve predetermined good and bad. I am content not knowing because from January to June my only job is to learn. I plan on throwing myself into the culture without restraint. I have already accepted that there will be failures, misunderstandings and confusion so I have nothing to fear. Pero estaré bien contra viento y marea. I am arriving to Mexico, enthusiastic, excited, willing and probably a little naïve. My only expectation is that I leave Mexico a little taller, a little spicier, and a little wiser.



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