Godt nytår!

I have finally reached my last night in Copenhagen and even though I’m very much looking forward to my time in France I will be sad to leave this lovely city. I came here to meet up with my friend Dominique, who has family here and has been studying in Istanbul for the past semester. Despite only being here for a few days I was able to see quite a few sites, including the little mermaid statue and Tivoli, the world’s second oldest theme park that inspired Walt Disney to make Disneyland. My mom studied abroad here when she was my age but if it weren’t for Dom being here I never really would have considered coming to Copenhagen to visit. It seems that Denmark tends to get overlooked by American tourists in lieu of more famous cities like Paris and London, or warmer climates like Italy and Spain. In that regard Copenhagen seems like a sort of hidden gem. People here are incredibly friendly and very lively (as attested to during the New Year’s celebrations last night that took place outdoors despite frigid temperatures) and despite that I know little to no Danish they are not quick to assume that I am an ignorant foreigner. Denmark reminds me of Portland in a lot of ways with its kind but not really ethnically diverse, its crafty yet stylish (and ridiculously expensive) wool goods, and its general coziness (hygge!) that reminds me of home. I can see why my mom loved it here so much, and now that I’ve seen a little bit of the city I am already thinking about coming back again in the summer. I was a very godt nytår (happy new year), and tomorrow I am off to Paris! Here’s to a wonderful 2014. 



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