Dec 15th 2013 by Wayne Holscher

We started the project today after breakfast. We are building a sidewalk to replace a trail which is often like a slip-n-slide in the rainy season. We picked up our tools to start building the forms; Antonio, Vladimir, Victor, and Ricky, a group of kids completing their Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos year-in-service kids jumped in and worked alongside us. I think the main reason they were helping us was to get done quicker so they could play and win soccer and volleyball.
As we suspected, they did want to play and they did win…at everything. We have noticed with volleyball they just want to keep the ball in the air, even if that means kicking or head butting. No rules, just fun. The kids of NPH just want to have fun and we are reminded that this is easy to forget.
Later in the evening we shared our thoughts on the Ronald Rolheiser reading from his book, The Holy Longing. We split up into small groups and took games and toys with us to dinner at the girls’ houses. It was a lot of fun; I got to know Abigail and helped her with her English. She read to me so she could practice; she starts at the university this fall.