Getting the Study Abroad Jitters


This is a picture of me from five years ago, when I went to France for the first time (and had to do the obligatory jumping pose as an obnoxious tourist, of course). I suppose a lot has happened since then, but I feel the same sense of giddiness now as I do then when I think about what’s in store for me when I get to France. My name is Kaitlin and I am junior at Seattle U studying French and English Literature. Starting in January I will be studying in Grenoble for 5 months with the SU sponsored French-in-France Program (in coordination with the CUEF program at the University of Grenoble) and then jetting off to Morocco with my class for the last half of May and puttering around Europe for the rest of June, maybe working on organic farm or something. 

Having finished all of my finals today and just beginning to pack up my very messy room I feel the same way I did when I prepared myself to move to Seattle for college. I’m simultaneously ridiculously excited and preoccupied with the thought of how much I’m leaving behind. I’ve settled into a beautiful home with some very close friends here at Seattle U and now that I’ve reached my third year I finally feel like I’m a part of a community. It’s hard to think that I’m going to be so disconnected from what happens with my friends for the rest of the year (not that I won’t do my best to keep in touch). However, I’m really looking forward to seeing how my friends have grown and hearing about all of their experiences here in Seattle once I get back.



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