Hanging Bridges and Active Volcanos

This past weekend I went on a trip with my program to Volcan Arenal, which is active and always has picturesque steam drifting off the top of it’s peak.


The hotel we stayed at was a collection of bungalows in the valley below the volcano, and while it was exciting to be staying so close to an active volcano all of us agreed one of the best parts of our trip was the fact our rooms had air conditioning. None of us have air conditioning in our host homes and while we have gotten used to living in the HOTTEST region of Costa Rica, it was a magical and forgotten feeling to wake up in the morning and not be sweating.
volcan arenal
We spent Saturday hiking through some of the surrounding forest on a trail that has these incredibly high hanging bridges. It is starting to finally sink in that I only have four weeks left here before I have to leave my life in paradise. This weekend is my 22nd birthday though and I couldn’t ask for a cooler place to spend it than in Costa Rica.
hanging bridge


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