Sevilla and Midterms

This last weekend our program went to Seville. It was definitely one of my favorite excursions. Seville is about 3 hours from Granada via bus, so we left early Saturday morning to get there by 11:30. We spent the morning in Italica, ruins on the outskirts of Seville. It was the first Roman Colony outside of the Italian Peninsula.
Then we had lunch at a fancy restaurant in Seville- our salad consisted of Thousand Island-type dressing with a little bit of lettuce underneath. Better than mayo, which is another popular dressing here. We had large pieces of tuna and some potatoes which were really good then ice cream for dessert. After lunch, a group of us went to go check out Plaza Espana, and on the way we walked by the Cathedral where a large group of people were gathered. After we waited for about 40 minutes, the procession began: a celebration of the anniversary of the Hermandad de Triana.
We then went to the Plaza de Espana, where we rowed boats around the plaza. It was very romantic! For dinner, we went to the Festival de Los Naciones where we had delicious food from all different countries. It was way different than a festival of that kind in the US because they actually had booths from specific countries like the Dominican Republic and Brazil, rather than just Eastern European and Latin American food.
The next day, we visited the Alcazar Palace which was absolutely beautiful. We went back to the same restaurant for lunch before touring the cathedral, which is the largest cathedral in Spain. I saw where Christopher Columbus is buried and we climbed to the top of one of the towers for a beautiful view of the city.
Now that we’ve returned to Granada, the focus is on midterms. Although we also are going to Madrid on Wednesday for 5 days. So much going on all the time, but it’s so much fun!



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