New Friends, Old Friends, New Loves, Old Loves

This week I am going to divide my post into four sections, displayed in the title.
The first is new friends. It has now been almost a month since I left Seattle and I each day I get to know the people in my program better. This week we got to bond over studying for our two tests. We completed our Intensive program and part 1 of our culture class, and after tomorrow’s test to determine our levels for classes for the rest of our time here, we have a week to travel around Europe. My friends and I are going to Paris and London! I’m excited to go to new countries and to spend time with my new friends, who I have become really close with in a short amount of time.

This week was also a chance to reunite with an old friend from Seattle U who came to visit me after spending the summer in Switzerland and then traveling around Europe for two weeks by herself. I had the chance to show her around Granada and teach her a few Spanish phrases for four days, which was really great.


This weekend was one of the best I have had so far. I fell in love with two distinct places: the beach town of Nerja, where we swam in the Mediterranean Sea and laid on the warm, sandy beach all day Saturday, and then the Alhambra, one of the most famous and beautiful structures in Spain. See the pictures below, because words cannot describe how incredible these places were. The Alhambra in particular has so much history and cultural significance and it was absolutely stunning to walk through the palace and the gardens.



And finally, one of the least significant (but still important) events of this past week was the discovery of peanut butter in a little grocery store in Nerja. My roommate and I have been craving food from home, despite the amazing meals our host mom makes us, and the peanut butter find was a wonderful addition to our day. My roommate bought a jar and has decided to only have a little bit every day in order to make it last until we have to leave. it’s not quite as good as Skippy, but it’s a pretty good substitute!

That wraps up my summary of the week. I can’t wait for my trip to France and England, and I’m a little nervous to find out the results of my tests and my classes.


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