Despues de una semana

It has been a week and a day since I have arrived in Spain and I love it so much! Last weekend our whole group (41 students from schools in the Pacific Northwest) went to Ronda, an adorable city a few hours from Granada. We saw La Plaza de Toros (The Plaza of the Bulls) there, which is the oldest plaza in Spain. Unfortunately (although not really), we didn’t get to see a bull fight. They only have them twice or three times a year there.

The view was incredible in Ronda- it’s a city surrounded by mountains and the cliffs are really beautiful. When we got home that day, our host mom had made us empenadas, this really delicious casserole-like dish! On the top she had written with the crust Bien Venidas! She is the sweetest thing!

This week we began our Intensivo- a 3 week program to help us improve our Spanish before we start our real classes in October. I was placed in Intermediate advanced, which means a lot of review but learning a lot at the same time. We also are required to take a Spanish culture class that will last the entire semester, so we have four hours of Intensivo in the morning and then an hour and a half in the afternoon two to three days a week. It’s a lot of class and homework, but it isn’t overwhelming.
I definitely miss my friends and family at home but I’m so excited that I’m learning new things everyday and I now know how to navigate my way to school and back (a 40 minute ordeal each way). I’m understanding my host mom more and more each day. Today I finally started running again at a beautiful park near my house. And I have made new friends who I am travelling to Paris and London with at the end of September!
Looking forward to more adventures!


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