La Nuit Dernière

I’m currently sitting in my room in my home stay, next to my bags that are packed all neatly and my clothes for tomorrow. It’s my last night in Paris. Everyone keeps asking me how I’m reacting to leaving, and what my feelings are right now. But it’s really difficult to explain, and I think that anyone whose studied abroad for a long period of time can probably relate to this.

The bad:

I’ve become shockingly close to some of the people here. When you experience something like this and you get to experience it with a select group of people, you naturally learn to trust each other quite quickly. Two people in particular I had to say goodbye to tonight, and let’s just say that there was a little bit of crying going on in the Paris metro system. Of course we have agreed to keep in contact, but it will not be the same as it is here. In addition, I’m going to miss Paris and all of its wonders. Living here sometimes felt like a dream, and I’m soon waking up from this dream.

The good:

I am so incredibly excited to see my friends and family at home. I miss them so much, and I think that the few weeks I have before heading back to Seattle will be wonderful. I’m also excited to be back in the United States, where I know what’s going on most of the time and I’m more comfortable in the culture. I know that I will miss the language and the culture here (especially the opportunities to practice French), but I am excited to feel completely at home again. Also, I’ve gained some really good friends here that I will get to write and talk with in French when I get home (I’m going to need to practice so that I don’t lose it).
So tomorrow I hop on a plane (or three) for an extremely long amount of time, and then I get to arrive at home and be surrounded by those I’ve missed so much, while missing a whole new group of people.

But don’t get me wrong. Paris has been a fantastic, unique experience that I would never trade in. I finished my classes today (and passed them, yay!), and said my goodbyes, but I know that the things that I’ve gained here personally are numerous and incredibly significant. It will be interesting to see how what I’ve gained here reflects on my life back in the United States. I am so grateful for the experience I’ve been able to have and the friends I’ve made here, and I’m excited to see where I go from here. I’m hoping to continue French at SU, and I’m excited to return.

Until next time, Paris. I will miss you.





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