La Nourriture et le Français

Yeah, French food. Escargots, foie gras, and other things that sound kind of gross initially. But what surprised me more than anything was how good most everything actually was (I still didn’t like the foie gras, but at least I tried it, right?). But the escargot (snails) was actually pretty delicious! When we walked into the restaurant, they told us that they could only speak to us in French, since it was a traditional restaurant. That was good with me, and it was quite a bit of fun to talk with the staff. We went to the restaurant as a sort of “goodbye” meal for some of our friends who are leaving. About half of the people we hang out with went home today, and the rest of us have about two and a half more weeks.
Here are some random updates that have nothing to do with each other:

I caught somebody pickpocketing me. I don’t think I have the best luck with this. I’m trying new tactics of hiding my stuff, considering this seems to happen to me too much.

I bought the Kim Possible movie in French today. I’m a child inside, I know. My excuse is that it’s for practicing my French.

I think that my French is improving. My friends and I decided that we are going to speak solely in French for the remainder of the trip.

I get new professors on Thursday for both of my classes. It’ll be interesting to see how the teaching styles change, and if my learning style or ability changes with it.

The French have so much pride for their country, but in such a different way than Americans do. It’s quite interesting, and really fun to be a part of.
That’s all I have for updates right now! I feel like I never have any super exciting stories to share, but the fact is that there’s so much to do and see here that not only do I never really get any down time, everything is sort of spectacular that it’s hard to pick out things to talk about. But, I’ll keep searching. Have a good couple of days!



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