Royal Baby and Finals

It seems surreal that this week marks my final week in London. This past week was spent preparing for finals, being sick, and taking a weekend trip to Ireland. Ireland was absolutely gorgeous and I am looking forward to going back there sometime soon. While in Ireland, everybody kept checking their phones to see if the royal baby had been born. Luckily, the baby decided to wait for us to get back into London.
I was in my apartment studying with some friends when all of a sudden, somebody announced that Kate had a baby boy. Almost immediately, my friend Kimberly and I made our way over to Buckingham Palace to see the official announcement. There was a massive crowd of tourists, locals, and media outlets there to celebrate the birth. Kimberly and I waited through a long, warm line of people to see the announcement. Unfortunately, the text was very small, so we couldn’t see much. However, being in the atmosphere was absolutely incredible. Everybody seemed to be celebrating. Even some of the landmarks showed blue lights to honor the new baby. The night ended with getting caught in a thunder and rain storm. Overall, my last week is starting to look incredible!



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