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I’m back from Ireland now, home safe and whatnot. Since my last post we traveled to Galway, took an overnight trip to the Aran islands, visited Coole Park, and saw some Dragons. It was an eventful week.

Galway was lovely. Although it was rather hot, there was usually a breeze coming in off the bay, and the city was easy to navigate and fun to be in. We happened to be in town during the Galways Art’s Festival, and so we got to see some pretty cool stuff – acrobats and dragons in the streets. (There’s a final video attached with some clips.)
We took a trip out to Inis Mor as well, which was a refreshing break from busy towns and crowds of tourists. Possibly even a little too refreshing, as that night our entire room was in bed well before it was dark. Our hostel was directly over a pub though, so we had the experience of being lulled to sleep by groups of people singing in Irish. That was actually pretty cool. In the morning we hiked up to Dun Aengus, a fort on a cliff that has been around since before the pyramids. It was a pleasant trip.
When we got back to Galway we were given a free day, which I spent visiting the aquarium, and following days were spent on excursions to Coole Park and hanging out in Galway. We saw swans made famous by Yeats, and the tower he had lived in, and we wrote poems and had class by the river and I ate a lot of ice cream.
On our final evening of class we watched a play entirely in Irish – there were subtitles on a screen to the side – which seemed like a fitting way to conclude out trip. After that we all went our separate ways.

Altogether it was a really great trip, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I came home with considerably more books than I left with, a notebook nearly full with notes and thoughts and poems, a camera full of pictures, and memories to last a lifetime.
It had only been a couple weeks of the trip in total, but it felt like so much longer. Still, it didn’t seem long enough. I would go back in a heartbeat.
Thanks for reading, hope your summers have been great as well. I’ve got a final video here for you from Galway. I have more footage, but that will have to find another purpose.
Best wishes,


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