Tips for Success in London

After living in London for a month now, I feel as if I have gotten a better grasp on the differences between life in Seattle and life in London. I have compiled a list of tips to help future visitors not stick out as a tourist.
1. Always stand on the right on escalators in tube stations. The left side of escalators are for people in a hurry that want to walk down the escalators. If you block a rushed Londoner’s way, it is likely that they will get frustrated.
2. Speak quietly while on the tube. It is very easy to spot Americans on the tube because we are usually the ones having loud conversations. Londoners, in general, speak much quieter than Americans. Therefore, you should try to keep your voice at a quieter level.
3. Personal bubbles do not exist in London. When you have to take the tube during rush hour, it is likely that you will be squished between multiple people.
4. Ask for tap water in restaurants. If you want to avoid paying for a pricy bottle of water in a restaurant, ask the waiter to bring you water from the tap. It tastes fine, and it’s free.
5. Try new restaurants. For some reason, London has a reputation of not having great food. However, I have had some very delicious meals while here. I strongly recommend trying Indian food from Brick Lane.
6. Always wear layers. Like Seattle, the weather in London can be temperamental. The day may start off rainy and grey, and then turn sunny by the afternoon. Layering is a great way to ensure that you will be prepared no matter what the temperature.
These are just a few of the many things that I think would help a future visitor in London. I hope they’re helpful, and hope that people reading this decide to visit this amazing city soon!


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