One for the Ages

So we’ve finished out our week in Dublin, and I’m actually writing this from a hostel in Galway, but I have some final thoughts on Dublin first.

While we were in Dublin, we went to a lot of museums, and we saw a lot of places and we focused a lot on on a few specific Irish writers. All around Dublin there are statues, and old buildings that have been around for centuries. We had been sleeping at a college founded in 1592. We spent the majority of our days in museums, noting the people of the past, and the paintings of skilled artists. We saw old books, old buildings, the scribbled notebooks of W.B. Yeats, first editions of  famous works, and distinguished author’s typewriters. We saw all these remnants and memorials of people who are now seen as influential – but they all started where we are now.

All of these people are being remembered for something they did, and all the while I couldn’t help but think how many more statues will be added in the next hundred years. There are great people – writers, artists, thinkers, musicians – among us today, and I wonder if they’ll ever be placed besides these classic greats.

So we’ve been assigned all these writing assignments and poems, and we’ve been told to trust the process. And it doesn’t matter if what we write is really any good, or if it ever becomes something more. We just trust the process and it takes us where the words want to go. And although I’ve been faced with all these people who have achieved great things, I don’t feel like I have to compete. I don’t have to measure up to these great people, because they were where I am once too. I’ve realized that I only really need to measure up to myself, and try to become better than I was the day before.

I’ve got another video here… I want to tell you it’s slightly less organized than the first, as it isn’t all in chronological order this time and there is a whole day missing that I’ve set aside… and I want to tell you that I edited it on the train very quickly… but we aren’t allowed to give disclaimers or qualifiers in class, so I guess I should just present it as-is.

Best wishes, Alex


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