Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!

Fourth of July? Nah, not in France. The Fourteenth of July, or Bastille Day, is where it’s at, and it was probably one of my best days in Paris so far. I went to a service at the Notre Dame (which was beautiful and one of the quietest experiences I’ve had in Paris — I miss the quiet). After the service I got to go back to my home stay and take a nap. I know, I know, how lame of me on this wonderful national holiday, but it gets better. Some friends and I went to the Eiffel Tower, had a picnic, and played some games. We were surrounded by French language and people, and it was perfect. After, there was a fireworks/lights show at the Eiffel Tower, which was pretty fantastic. We sort of missed celebrating Fourth of July, so the fireworks were both welcomed and enjoyed. They played some French music, some rock anthems (including “Living in America,” which we were all pretty confused about — maybe because we helped inspire their revolution?), and had a speech about their history going on as well. We got back pretty late, but everyone was exhausted in class the next day, including the professor, so we all struggled together!

I’ve created a list of things I want to see or do before I leave Paris (yeah, I’m a nerd, it’s fine). I realized that I have exactly four weeks from today (July 17th) until I leave, which makes me realize how fast time is flying by here. I’m slowly making my way through the list, and I checked off a big one last night: going to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Below is picture of what the bottom of the Eiffel Tower looks like from the top. It was sort of unreal, and again reminded me that I’m so lucky to be in Paris, the city of lights and love, studying a beautiful language and exploring a city to be dreamed about.


Another thing that I got to cross off today was visiting the chocolate museum (ChocoStory) – I definitely ate WAY too much chocolate at this place, but it was delicious and tons of fun. Plus, a tour guide told us that while you’re in a foreign country everything is considered to be zero calories, and I’m liking her logic, so I’m ignoring the fact that I ate a lot of chocolate. There is so much good, unhealthy food here. Anyway, Paris is indescribable, and I think my blog posts have been showing, but I’m trying my best! (:



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