Free Day in the City

So yesterday our class got to do whatever we wanted for a day instead of just going where our professors took us. For me this did not mean wandering far from Trinity Campus because I spent most of my day with a visit to see the Book of Kells and the Library right here on campus.
The Book of Kells is an old Irish artifact. The book contains the four gospels of the bible and is written and illustrated probably by monks. If you look at the pages they’re very intricately done with smooth writing and pictures filling even the blank spaces in written pages. Over all I was not that excited to see the Book of Kells. It was neat to get to see the old book, but I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about for the most part. There were other items in the exhibit that excited me far more.

The room above the Book of Kells is called the Long Hall. It is a library room with a wide arched ceiling. There are shelves of books all the way up to the high ceiling. This room had a real impact on me as a writer. Here were the words of thousands of authors long dead, all together in a gigantic room. I sat there and wrote for a while to try and capture the flavor of this space. There is something heavy about a room so filled with dusty words.
In this room there are also several items on display that greatly interested me. One was a preserved letter from a servant. This is an incredibly unique find. He is writing about the experience of going abroad for the first time. I guess I just really connected his experience to my own.   The excitement evident in his head can still be seen all these years afterward. It was also touching to me that there is evidence that this letter was kept by someone and read over and over again. I feel like that just shows something that we’re missing in today’s world of email.

Another item in there is the oldest harp in Ireland. The harp is made of willow and has twenty nine strings. It is beautiful to look at. The harp is pictured in many different places in Ireland including the euro coin. I feel like people see the Book of Kells at the library and don’t stop to look at the other incredible things that are in there. The Long Hall and the items it holds are far more intriguing to me personally. It was a nice place to spend my free day in Dublin.



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