Dragon Attack on Shop Street!

I will never forget what happened last night for as long as I live. Seriously.

A few people and I went to the first official event of the Galway Arts Festival- a street parade featuring Sarruga’s Incredible Dragons. When we got to Shop Street, we waited for about 20-ish minutes for the dragons to reach us. While we were waiting and eating gelato, we watched a street performer giving a show to a big crowd of people. Although, I guess I should say “tried to watch”, since none of us could actually see over the crowd. I noticed a pole about 4 feet tall close to me, so I grabbed two of my friends’ shoulders and hoisted myself up on the pole so that I could see what the street performer was doing. After a few minutes of me watching and telling everyone what was happening, he finished his act and the crowd applauded and then dispersed. I stayed on the pole, mostly because I didn’t know how to get off without seriously injuring myself. Suddenly, we heard the roars of the dragons, getting ever closer to us. Once we saw them, I honestly was a little frightened. They were really well designed and actually quite lifelike. They were also pretty big—maybe two cars width. I stayed balancing on the pole so that I could take pictures and videos of the dragons, since they would come really close to me. One of my friends warned me that they might try to touch me, since I was twice as high as everyone else and I would be so close to them, but I honestly didn’t think they would bother. Well, I WAS WRONG. The first dragon came by without incident. After it passed, I turned around and saw the second one roaring in the face of a little girl. I should have realized this was a bad sign, but of course I stayed balancing on the pole, thinking I was so macho for having the best view on all of Shop Street. I was taking a video of the second one making its way towards us and I got a great shot of its head going right by me. Thinking it had already passed, I looked away for just a second… and then BOOM. THE DRAGON STARTED EATING ME. I mean, not like poking me, or like, hitting me, but seriously chomping up and down around my body. Needless to say I was caught completely off guard, but I’m proud to report that I stayed balanced on the pole for the entire attack. He ate my head and my arm, but I stayed steady on the pole, half laughing and half yelling over the roars coming from the speakers in the beast’s throat. All I could see were the glowing yellow eyes, big teeth (I have scratches on my right shoulder), a long red tongue, and flashes of bright lights coming from people’s cameras. Finally the monster seemed to decide he had had enough of me, so he moved on, leaving everyone who had seen what happened practically crying from laughing so hard. I jumped off the pole and tried to get my composure back, but boy, was that difficult. A mechanical dragon had just attacked me! I mean, how ridiculous is that?! I managed to keep the video shooting during the whole attack, so right when the dragon took its first bite, the video seemed like it could actually be from some horror movie, since you can hear me screaming, the dragon roaring and growling, and people laughing. Okay, I guess the laughing part wouldn’t be in a horror movie…

A couple of other people got videos too (well, who knows exactly how many people got videos of it?), so there is legitimate evidence of the attack, in case you’re thinking I made this up. But I swear—it happened! I just hope that feisty green dragon doesn’t try to eat any more innocent study abroad students…




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