Conservation of Matter

My name is Shalom Sands and I will be entering my 2nd year of law school in the fall. I have a wonderful husband and daughter who indulge my dreams and aspirations. Next week I will be flying to Madrid to take a two week intensive course in Disaster Law, followed by a week of backpacking through Portugal with my husband (my daughter is with her grandma for the summer). The Madrid Study Abroad program is sponsored by Seattle University School of Law, offering a choice of 3 courses, taught by renowned professors from different law schools.  For example, my Disaster Law professor regularly teaches at Tulane.

I can’t wait to interact with Spanish students, learn about an interesting area of law, absorb the culture, and soak up the sun. This trip is truly an adventure for me because I have never been to Europe, never used my passport, and never really been outside of my comfort zone culturally. Since February, I have been counting down the days to this trip, meticulously crossing items off my “to do” list in preparation for this trip (I am one of those people that has a list for everything), but now that the calendar says there are 7 days left, I am getting a little nervous. Am I nervous about flying? Sure, it’s not my favorite thing to do. Am I nervous about taking a 3-unit class in two weeks and surviving? Again, yes, but these are not the things that have me pacing about my apartment like a crazy person and it has to do with the title of this blog – conservation of matter.

I am attempting a feat that may just violate a law of physics – packing everything I will need into a backpack and a small carry-on bag!  I have summer clothes, my laptop, toiletries, power converter, and the text for my class spread out on my bed.  Oh, and I didn’t tell you that I have to take business attire as well!  Okay, so you can probably see my problem now – right?!  You may be asking why I am limiting myself to only a backpack and a carry-on.  Well, there are few reasons.  I’ve had bags lost before, which is not a fun experience.  Also, when you are backpacking through Spain and Portugal, you don’t want to have a ton of luggage.  So, that’s a little bit about me, my upcoming adventure, and my mission impossible challenge to stuff my life into small spaces!  Stay tuned for next week’s post and hopefully some cool pictures from Madrid!  Adios!



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