Since when is Nebraska in Africa…?

Hi everyone! I’m going to write a quick update, since I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything for a few days. Tomorrow I have a really busy schedule and the program is hosting an Independence Day barbecue, with FREE dinner! And then I’m going on a program-sponsored excursion to the Dingle Peninsula this weekend. So if I haven’t mentioned this before, my class schedule literally has no pattern at all. I could have History at 9am on Monday and then at 4pm the next Monday and then not have it the Monday after that. This means I always have to check when I have my classes, since I can’t really make a daily routine out of such a crazy schedule. But, since everyone is in the same boat and we all have classes together, I’m constantly reminded from my friends as to where and when we have class. We also like to meet up to walk to campus together in the mornings. It’s been raining a lot (in fact it is right now), and so the walks can get rough, since we have to cross a long bridge and the rain here is like misty/windy rain, so it gets right in your face. I’m so glad I brought my Seattle rain jacket!

Last night I went to a pub with a bunch of people so that we could watch traditional Irish dancing. That particular pub, Monroe’s, hosts Irish dancing every Tuesday night. One of the girls in my program, Kate, got to chatting with an old (I’m guessing he was about 70 years old) Irishman wearing a striped sweater who’s name was Billy. I was sitting really close to them, and so I fortunately got the chance to hear one of the funniest encounters I have honestly ever heard. When Billy asked Kate where she was from, and she said “Nebraska”, Billy’s response was, “Oh, is that in Africa?” I saw him point to her cheetah-patterned blouse when he said that (apparently cheetah print is NOT an Irish thing…). Kate said hurriedly,  “No no, not Africa!” But he touched her shoulder and said, “It’s okay. We accept you Africa.” Then I laughed for about 10 minutes straight and told the others at my table what I heard. Later, Billy danced with one of the other girls in my program in front of the whole pub, and they were great! Billy had moves! They did a dance that reminded me a lot of that scene in the movie “Titanic” when Jack takes Rose down to the bottom of the ship where all the Irish people are dancing and having a great time. Everyone at Monroe’s who knew me was trying to get me to dance, since one of my friends showed everyone a video from earlier that day of me attempting to dance at a traditional Irish dance workshop I went to for my music class. I didn’t go out on the dance floor with the dancers, partly because I hate dancing in front of people and partly because the dancers were so spectacular, I would have looked idiotic. I also didn’t want Billy to criticize my dance moves, because he watched one of the videos of another person dancing at the workshop and actually said she was terrible! It was fun though- I feel fortunate that I got the chance to see such fantastic Irish dancers, plus, it was hilarious hearing the encounter between Kate and Billy!

So, that’s the latest update for the past couple of days! I’m really excited for the trip this weekend, although I have midterm tests for my classes this Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll get some studying done, even though I’ll be on the trip. Oh, and we went busking (playing music on the street) again today but only made 3 euro… we think it’s because today’s a weekday and the other day we did it was a Saturday. Oh well, it’s still a ton of craic!



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