It has now been over a week since I arrived in Paris, and almost two weeks since I left the States. Sometime it seems like it’s been so much longer than that, but other times it feels like no time at all. Paris is such a beautiful, jam-packed city, and I’ve only seen a little bit of it. Luckily though, I have a lot more time to explore.

Classes kicked off this week. I placed in a decently high level of French, which I was excited for. The professors here refused to speak English (which makes sense, but also makes things VERY interesting), and my classes are five hours a day, five days a week. I’m going to learn so much in the six weeks that I’m here! We’ve only had two classes, but we’ve already read a short story, created and performed a skit, and covered grammar that would have taken about 2 weeks to cover under normal circumstances. Supposedly, as classes begin and as I begin to feel comfortable in my home stay, I should find a sense of normalcy in my life right now. I should be used to waking up in Paris, going to class, and taking part in the city. However, I sort of hope that never happens while I’m here. I don’t want to wake up and forget that I’m experiencing something amazing. I would much rather open my eyes every morning, remember I’m in Paris, and bounce out of bed, excited for the day.

Anyway, after being cheesy and all that stuff, I should talk about what’s been going on! This weekend, my program and I went to Normandy (about 6 hours away from Paris). We visited a museum, the memorial/cemetery for the American soldiers from the war, and the cliffs that the American soldiers climbed. We stayed in a small but beautiful walled-in city that was thirty seconds from the beach. I would upload pictures to try and explain how amazing the scenery was, but my internet is poor quality and won’t allow me to. We spent the evening on the beach watching the sun set, and walked around the town. The next morning we stopped at Le Mont-Saint-Michel, a beautiful church surrounded by a city. After that we headed back to Paris.

This weekend was lovely, and it was fantastic to get out of the city and see more of France. I’m looking forward into next week hoping that my class goes well and that I’m able to actually speak French well. Paris is wonderful, the food is delicious (they absolutely love bread), and I’ll be on the lookout for an awesome story to update you with. Bonne nuit!


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