Light Posting, Light packing.

Hello there! My name is Alex and I will be leaving for Ireland in a couple days! It’s going to be a short trip -about 2 and a half weeks- so I won’t be blogging here too long, but I probably should introduce myself anyway. I’ll keep it light.

Alex is short for Alexandria, and I am a film major who just finished my freshman year at Seattle U. I’m originally from The Dalles, Oregon, which – because no one has ever heard of it – is about an hour east of Portland. I like to draw and write and, above all, to tell stories. I’m really looking forward to traveling this summer, and to sharing some stories of my own.

As excited as I am though, time for departure seems to have snuck up on me. It feels like I haven’t had enough time to get everything packed and ready to go, but somehow I’m already nearly done. I guess it helps that I’m trying to bring as little with me as possible. The stuff you bring with you isn’t nearly as important as the adventures you have.

Talk to you all soon,
Best wishes,


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