Cheers from Ireland!

Hey y’all!

I’m on my third day in Dublin and I’ve yet to introduce myself. My name is Beca Piña and I’m studying abroad in Ireland for about three weeks. Since being here I’ve met some interesting travelers. My first night I stayed in a hostel near Trinity College, at dinner I sat next to American travelers who had been in Ireland for several weeks. They recounted their stories involving the streets of Ireland and the glamour of backpacking through the countryside. Also at dinner I met three gentlemen from Belgium who were starting their journey across Ireland. We ended up playing a card game until midnight. Needless to say my stay at the hostel was great. The next morning I met a woman from Ballard who was staying in the same room as me, thus proving that we definitely live in a small world.

Later that morning I checked out of the hostel and into the dorms at Trinity College. I found some of my classmates who had just gotten off their planes, so we went wandering out to find something to do and a place to eat lunch. When it came time to meet up with the rest of our classmates under the Trinity Bell, we ventured out into the city again. However, this times we were being led by our professors as they showed us their favorite parts of the city. We walked through parks, through Grafton Street, all around Trinity College and by a lot of shops and eateries.

After the tour some of us went to eat at this restaurant named Nando’s. Where we spent a good portion of the evening laughing and getting to know one another. Later that evening we went to the student-run pub on campus just to hang out some more before calling it a night seeing as how classes were today. This morning we all met up to have class in our professor’s apartment on campus. It was a little unusual, but the vibe of a classroom was still there.

We headed over the National Library of Ireland and explored the Yeat’s exhibition. There were plenty of fun facts and nifty artifacts donated by his son and friends. I learned that Yeat’s was really into the supernatural and was really old when he got married. Basically it was a museum for literary nerds, and I was completely thrilled to learn that I may not have the worst handwriting ever.

Afterwards we went to this exhibit with some really fascinating pieces. I wanted to touch everything! I restrained myself because the prices on some of them were expensive. I fell in love with these giant shears and a tiny airplane. I wanted to take them home with me, but I don’t think I have enough room in my carry-on for them.


Well, until next time!



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