Independent on Independence Day

Hey my name is Nyasha Stowell and after tomorrow I will be spending the month in Ireland. I am a Seattle University senior and will be graduating after taking just three more classes in Fall quarter. My major is in Creative Writing and my minor is in Journalism.

The class that I’m taking in Ireland is focused around creative writing and the authors that wrote there. We’re going to be staying in Dublin and Galway. I have always wanted to go to Ireland because my dad’s family is Irish. I want to see what it is like there because movies always make it seem so beautiful.

My plane leaves tomorrow but my flight doesn’t actually get to Dublin until the morning of July 4th. My goal is to survive jet lag and manage to actually find Trinity College by myself. I am terrible at directions, so hopefully I don’t get too lost.

I’m all packed and ready. Just have to wait for my plane to take off.



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