Lost in London

It’s been quite a few days as I began to embark on my study abroad experience. Again, my name is Kendra Jozwiak. I’m fortunate enough to be able to study in Paris this summer, and right now I’m spending a few days in London with my program before we head over to Paris.

Today we had a tour of London, and got to see all the typical tourist-y stuff. Our tour guide was fabulous, always cracking jokes, and it was a fantastic tour. However, at the end of the tour, they dropped us off in London, pretty far away from our hotel, and gave us the day to explore. I thought this was fantastic at first! A group of us walked around some adorable little shops, and even went through a museum. That’s when things started to go… we’ll say “unlucky” for us. There were six of us in the original group, but another girl and I lost the rest of the group among the wonderful paintings. Realizing we were lost, we pulled out our trusty, tourist map of London and took off walking down what we thought was the right street in the right direction.

It took us about 2 miles to realize we had no idea what was going on.

We stopped, pulled out our map again, and were hopelessly confused. We had walked in at least three circles, and were headed the completely wrong way. How did we end up across the river and a mile south in the wrong direction? Luckily, the people of London must recognize when they see two helpless, unlucky girls, because a helpful older man directed us to a tube station. After that (and with an incredible amount of help from the people who work the tube), we decided to be those super nerdy tourists. We visited platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station, and even popped by the TARDIS from Doctor Who outside of another tube stop. We got excited when we heard the announcements in the tube say “mind the gap” and even tried (and failed) to speak with English accents.

We finally made it back to the area where our hotel is, ate some fish and chips (we felt so British!) and are just about ready to crash for the night. I can now say that I got lost in London. I’m actually sort of glad it happened, because we were forced to figure it out, and we also got to see more (and different parts) of London than we would have.

Tomorrow I head over to Paris on the Eurostar train. I’m excited for what awaits me over there (hopefully I won’t get lost in Paris, even though it will probably happen). I’m hoping that I can conquer the placement test, and then just relax and enjoy France. Until next time, “cheers!”



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