Did I really lose my passport…

Hi! My name is Alex Thomas, and as of 3 days ago, I have officially finished my freshman year at SU! The year went by alarmingly quickly, so I’m still pretty shocked to be sitting here at home in Maryland, attempting to get all packed and ready to go for my flight to Ireland this Friday night.

I’m a History major without a declared minor for now, but it will probably be Theology, as my career goal is to become a United Methodist Minister. I’m going to be doing a 5-week study abroad program with ISA (non-SU), in Galway, Ireland. I’ve always wanted to travel to other countries, but so far I’ve only been to a few parts of Canada. So, the main reason I’m studying abroad this summer is so that I can finally see a different part of the world and experience a new culture. I chose Ireland because I thought it wouldn’t be too vastly different from what I’m used to- it’s an English speaking country and the weather is very similar to Seattle’s! I’m looking forward to exploring the beautiful cities and countrysides of Ireland and getting to know both American and Irish students. I’m also looking forward to studying for the two classes I’ll be taking at the National University of Ireland- one is for my major (Irish History) and the other is an elective (Negotiating Identity- Irish Music and Dance).

So far, the only complication I’ve had (and considering the fact I haven’t even left the U.S. yet, it’s actually pretty embarrassing) was misplacing my passport. I took it to SU with me in fall, thinking I might go on a trip to Canada. That never happened, not because I didn’t want to go but because I got shockingly busy- I guess college is like that. Anyway, during finals week, I was really stressed because I had two exams and a paper to write, plus I had to pack all of the stuff I wanted to be locked up in storage for the summer and all the stuff I wanted to take home/to Ireland with me. On Friday night, the night before I was going to fly home to Maryland, I realized I didn’t know where my passport was. I happened to have this lovely realization when I was about to say goodbye to one of my friends at the airport- one and a half hours before the strorage place was going to close. I tend to freak out about things pretty dramatically, so I tried to keep it together while my other friend and I made our way back to campus in a cab. When we got back, she searched my room while I searched the storage unit- 45 minutes before they were going to close and kick me out! Well… my passport happened to be in the back of a folder in the bottom of a box in the very back of the storage unit underneath all of the other (heavy) boxes. Needless to say it was a huge relief to find it, but I’m really hoping I won’t misplace it again… we’ll see though!

Only 5 days until I’m in Ireland!



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