Mind the Gap

After twelve hours of traveling and about thirty hours without sleep, I finally made it to London! As soon as a I got off the plane, I made my way to my new apartment with my roommate Gina. For future reference, staircases in the tube stations and a large suitcase do not work well together. Despite struggling with our bags, we were able to make it to Nido Spitafields, a thirty-three story international student building. From the window of my room, I can see the iconic Gherkin building!

After I got settled into my room, some people from my program went on a walking tour of our new neighborhood to get ourselves acquainted. Then, most of us went back and slept in preparation for a long day of orientation. At orientation, I got to meet most of the 45 other students in the program. Of those 45, almost half are from Indiana University. There are also only 8 males, and the rest are females. I’m the only person from the state of Washington, so I’m excited to meet people from around the country. After orientation, I met with a small group of girls that I got along with at orientation and we began planning a weekend trip to Dublin for the middle of July.

So far, I am loving being in a new city and meeting new people! Hopefully by my next post I will have done some more exploring and have some pictures to share!



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