Dreaming of Life in London

My name is Colleen McDevitt, and I’m a soon to be senior majoring in communication studies. As the school year winds down, I am quickly trying to finish up my finals before I jet off to London. I will be studying in London for 6 weeks over the summer. The program is a Non-SU program done by IES Abroad. This program offers communication courses, so I will be able to work on finishing my requirements for my major while abroad.

I am extremely excited to head to London and start learning about how another culture lives. I am also looking forward to meeting all of the other students in my program. I have already contacted the girl that I will be living with while abroad, Gina, and we have been planning out all of the things we want to do once in London. Gina has been great to talk to while planning to go abroad because we are coordinating who can bring what so we can both pack a bit lighter. Packing light is a daunting task for a girl like me who loves shoes, purses, and clothes. Other than trying to fit everything I need in my suitcase, I haven’t had any problems with preparing to leave. The IES Abroad staff have been great about making sure I have all of the required information before I get into the country.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my stories with all of you!



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