We Call Them Borders

U.S Mexico Border Graffiti Art
U.S Mexico Border Graffiti Art

We call them borders
Daunting and distinct, codes and mapping
Longitude and latitude
They stretch far, invisible
They limit us, our people, el mundo (the world)
They prohibit some, not all
They benefit few, never all
Force us to hold guns rather than hands,
To tear children from their mother’s arms,
To tear mothers and fathers from their countries
Pushing back against nature’s will
Lines in the sand, even in the ocean
Marked territory
Unchartered reasoning
Give me a reason for lines,
For separation,
For creating differences, ignoring our sameness,
Have and have nots
Born into and born out of
Slips of paper, colors of cards, passports, documents
Dehumanizing humans
For paper we give meaning.
Take back your lines in the sand
Draw a circle.
You’ll find it is shaped like the world
As it is, as it should remain.

– Kayla


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