Trabajamos y Jugamos con Niñas – (Working and Playing with Children)

alyssa and haruka
Working together at the construction site in La Gloria

Today was the first day for working at the sight. We went to a family’s house and helped build their house. We were constructing a pillar, making the base of the floor by filling sand, and cutting wooden materials for the framework of the house. What I liked about our working was the visible process and the sense of solidarity. I could clearly visualize what my contribution to the house, and seeing the house being built little by little was encouraging. Passing buckets of sand all together was the moment I felt strongly that we were working for the same purpose. The family served the lunch for all of us and their hospitality made the meal one of the best ones I have ever had.

Building a column out of rebar to support the new roof

We visited an orphanage in the afternoon. We had dinner together with the children and played outside. It made me smile to see the children excited to play with us. Through playing soccer, hide and seek, and just being together, we had a great time communicating beyond languages. Touching was one of the most frequent communication tools, which was the most impressive experience for me. Whenever the girls were trying to hold my hands, I felt their honest want for love. When I was talking with a girl, one of the first things that she asked me was if I was going to come back. That hurt me a lot causing a sense of guilt of being unable to stay with them, but I gave her a hug as tight as possible hoping that it was going to be a part of the collection of love to empower her.

Playing at the orphanage

During the reflection, we looked back at our day of service. It was a good opportunity to see ourselves from an objective point of view. Continuing the efforts to improve myself as a mission volunteer, I already look forward to tomorrow’s work and coming experiences.

Haruka Morimoto


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